Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, packing up and transporting your belongings can be a logistical nightmare. Plus, the stress of moving is always made worse by the risk of something you own breaking or getting damaged in the process. Since mirrors are one of the most nerve wracking items to move — after all, no one wants seven years bad luck — we’ve compiled our best tips for transporting your large mirrors safely to your new home.
Buy a dedicated mirror box
It might seem excessive, but mirror boxes are specifically designed to protect mirrors and well worth the extra effort. With four separate pieces of interlocking cardboard, mirror boxes can be adjusted to fit any size mirror. You can also line the pieces of cardboard with bubble wrap for extra cushion and protection. Find your mirror box at any hardware store or moving company, or order online. 
Secure the glass
Next, take some precautionary steps to secure the glass in your mirror. Using painter’s tape, tape an “X” across the surface of your mirror, with tape running from corner to corner. That way, even if the worst happens and your mirror does break, it won’t shatter into several tiny pieces. As an added precaution, cut out a piece of cardboard that is the exact size of your mirror’s interior glass and tape it onto the frame. Finally, wrap the entire mirror in a layer of brown packing paper and a layer of bubble wrap, then secure with packing tape.
Review and label
Now it’s time to put the mirror in your prepared mirror box and see if your protection efforts paid off. When you lift the box and shake it slightly, you shouldn’t feel any shifting or sliding of the mirror inside. If everything feels secure, you can tape your box closed and label the outside with a permanent marker. Be sure to clearly identify the package as fragile.
And that’s it! While it can also be helpful to point out specific boxes to your movers that contain fragile items, your mirror should now be well protected to make your move. Before you know it, you’ll be unpacked and enjoying it in your new location.
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