Commercial Buyers Program

When you have a lot of mirrors, you need a lot of frames.

From multi-family apartment complexes to hotels, new construction to renovation, we work with professional buyers to meet the unique needs of every custom project — quickly, affordably and beautifully.

Want to learn more? Chat with our team between 8:30am and 5:00pm EST or send us an email. We’ll deliver a custom, competitive quote within 24 hours.


Simple to Order, Easy to Install

Shop Styles

• Determine product type for your project needs:

• Add A Frame® to an existing mirror with de-silvering edges

• Custom-sized Framed Mirrors for bare walls

• Decorative Mirrors for a quick installation

• Large variety of finishes and widths

• Custom mouldings available upon request

• No charge full-frame samples for models or suite mock up

Place Order

• Custom quotes tailored to job requirements within 24 hours.

• Competitive pricing

• Ability to deliver rush or emergency orders

Install with Ease

• Installs in minutes

• Pre-assembled option for quicker installation and less job site labor

• Products marked with unit identification and size

• Individually wrapped for easy handling

• Shipped on custom-made pallets to minimize freight damage

• Single or multiple shipments for easy processing

• Ability to deliver rush or emergency orders

A Variety of Options, One Great Look

Add a Frame®

Your Add a Frame® order can come in one of two ways:

Factory assembled to your size specifications, ready for installation

• Pre-applied with double-backed tape

• Labeled with unit identification and frame size

• Delivered to your job site on custom-built pallets

Unassembled, but pre-cut to your size specifications

• Marked with the unit identification and mirror size

• Pre-applied double-back tape on each piece

• Delivered to your job site, ready for assembly

• Custom mouldings available upon request

Framed Mirrors

Our Framed Mirrors can be custom made to your specifications, with many moulding styles, finishes and price ranges to choose from.

When you order a custom Framed Mirror, it arrives:

• Ready for installation

• Marked with the unit identification and size

• With commercial-grade locking framed mirror hanging hardware attached to each frame

• Individually wrapped and in custom-made pallets, delivered directly to your job site

• Custom mouldings available upon request

Decorative Mirrors

Our framed round and rounded corner mirrors are easy to install and will dazzle in seconds.

• Available in 30” round or 24” x 36”

• Hanging hardware (d-rings) installed for quick installation, screws/anchors included.

• Felt backer applied to prevent unwanted marks on wall

• 1.5″ thick frame with a high-quality metallic brushed nickel finish

• Approved for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms