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Whether you know exactly what you want and just need a little help pulling it all together, or you appreciate having someone walk you through your project a bit more closely, we are here to help! Our designer will listen carefully to your vision and make suggestions that reflect your unique style. From ordering custom framed mirrors for every room in the house, to adding a gorgeous frame to your existing mirror in that bathroom remodel you have been dying to do forever, we can help make the selection process easier than ever. Simply fill out the form below and our designer will give you the best selections for your setting.

Designer Q&A's

I love your mirrors but don’t need a new bathroom mirror, what do I do?

Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms! Layering a mirror with some art or picture frames adds a unique, alluring finish to any mantel, bookshelf, or dresser. Or add a mirror to that open space you never knew what to do with along with an accent table or bench, and some décor. This will create a new focal point in any room while also making the room feel bigger and brighter. The possibilities really are endless! Our Framed Mirrors are fully custom so you can add a mirror that is made exactly for your space.

Does my mirror frame have to match my finishes?

Just because your cabinet pulls are one tone, doesn’t mean your sconces and mirrors must match. The key is to stick to two or three finishes and try to keep the finish of each soft (think brushed instead of polished). Muted undertones will help the subtle differences work in harmony instead of against each other.

I’m overwhelmed by how many frame options you have. How do I choose a frame style with so many options?

Our website is curated to make your decision process as easy as possible. You can filter by frame width, finish, collection, and style. If you’ve narrowed it down to a few but can’t decide, we suggest getting a sample of the ones you have your eye on so you can really get a feel for the frame in your space. If you don’t have a specific vision in mind yet and like a little bit of everything, fill out our design help form for specifically curated suggestions for your space from our in-house designer, Tara.

How do I upgrade my bathroom mirror without spending tons of money?!

Starting a new remodeling project on any level is exciting but it’s also easy to get overwhelmed and unorganized which leads to overspending and impulse buys. Start with researching styles and ideas so when you start your remodel, you have a clear vision in mind. Gather samples of everything you are upgrading and try to have it all planned before beginning your project. Adding a custom Add A Frame® kit will revive an old, silvered, or basic builder grade mirror like new without putting you in the red and it’s just a few easy steps!

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