Framing your bathroom mirror is the simplest way to take your bathroom from boring and unfinished to stylish and chic. However, even once you’ve made the decision to frame your bathroom mirror, the toughest choice is still in front of you: which frame style and finish is right for you?
With lots of options to choose from, it’s easy to struggle with choice paralysis. That’s why we’ve developed a short list of question to help narrow down your style and preference.
  • How is your bathroom decorated? Consider style features that are tougher to switch out — like paint or wallpaper — as well as ones that are easily replaced, like shower curtains and cabinet hardware. How would you describe the style?
  • What finishes are used on the sink? While you can consider replacing sink finishes if you’re looking for a full bathroom redo, planning to coordinate your mirror frame finish with the existing finishes is a good place to start.
  • Would you prefer something simple or more ornate? While many of the mirror frame styles can’t easily fit in these two categories, deciding between extremes can be a good place to begin when narrowing it down.
  • What is the ideal color for your mirror frame? Look at the rest of your bathroom colors and think carefully about what color would work best. If you’re going with a wooden frame, consider shade and darkness of stain. If you’re interested in a metallic frame, consider whether gold, copper or pewter would suit your bathroom best.
Still can’t decide? Consider ordering a few samples so you can compare in person!
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