Design trends come and go, and with what’s “in” and “out” constantly changing, it can be a challenge to keep up. While we’re big believers that you should always make design choices that you enjoy — regardless of whether they’re “on trend” — we also love following style changes over time. Here’s what’s currently making waves in the interior design world in 2020.
Combining modern with antique
Mixing elements of both modern and more traditional — or even antique — style is expected to be big in 2020. Think antique furniture with modern art on the walls.
Big, bold colors
While clean whites and different shades of gray ruled the first part of the new century, latest design trends show a shift toward bolder, warmer accent colors and even deep monochromatic style. We’re talking cobalt blues and kelly greens.
Painted interior doors
Rather than just a boring shade of white, paint your interior doors to act as accent pieces in your home. This year, we’re seeing darker and darker color choices that really make doors that once blended in now stand out.
Fun bathroom designs
From quirky wallpaper, to a unique mirror, bathrooms no longer have to be the most boring room in your home. Instead, this year’s design trend is for bathroom design that takes risks and shows personality.
Faux marble countertops
While the real stone can be difficult to maintain, the latest in kitchen design is countertops made to look marble with porcelain and manmade materials. This provides the best of both worlds — the look you want without tedious upkeep.
Multifunctional spaces
Make the most of the space you have by taking back wasted space and being flexible with the purpose of each room in your home. Closet too big for your needs? Revamp a portion of it to act as a home office.
One thing’s for sure: 2020 is the perfect time to take a bold design risk.
Start with your bathroom mirror.