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Add A Frame® FAQ

How do I assemble and install my Add A Frame®?

Assembly and installation of your custom frame is quick and easy. You can find detailed instructions in our Installation Guide.

Will an Add A Frame® work even if my mirror is resting on the backsplash or tight against a corner?

Absolutely! Our frames are custom cut and mount directly to the surface of your mirror so they work for almost any space.

How do I care for my Add A Frame® once it's installed?

Our mirror frames only need a simple cleaning once they are installed. After that, just dust them with a soft cloth or duster, or use a damp cloth for more thorough cleaning. We do not recommend using any commercial cleaning solutions or harsh abrasives.

I'm not sure which Add A Frame® I want. Can I order a sample?

Not only can you, but we encourage you to! Samples of all our frames are available in 3-inch lengths and cost just $1 each.

If I have any questions can I call a technician?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Simply call us at 1-800-331-6414 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (EST) to speak to a representative. If you get a recording, leave a message and tell us what time zone you are in and we’ll promptly return your call.

I have a very large mirror. Can I still use an Add A Frame®?

Yes. We often receive orders for oversized frames, those exceeding 90 inches in length, and are able to accommodate orders up to 118 inches for some of our styles. Oversized frames are subject to a $99.00 handling fee due to the oversized nature of the frame. This covers additional labor and shipping fees. Frames over 95” will be spliced, which allows them to ship via our standard FedEx service.

What is splicing?

Splicing is a precision cut, vertical seam in pieces that measure over 95 inches. It will be visible in the installed product, but it will allow for frames to be freight shipped for free. To join the spliced pieces you simply use the wedges and glue included in your order and follow the same assembly process used for the rest of your frame. An additional fee of $99.00 is added to all orders over 90 inches.

My mirror has beveled edges. Can I still use an Add A Frame®?

Yes, but we’ll need to know about it so we can adjust the location of the double-sided tape on your frame. Simply indicate that you have a beveled edge when completing the order form and we’ll take care of the rest. Please note that once the frame is applied to the mirror, the bevel will no longer be visible.

What if large plastic clips are holding my mirror in place?

Not a problem. We will send replacement flat metal clips to replace the plastic clips at no charge. Simply indicate that you have these clips on your order form.

My mirror is installed wall to wall and measures out of square (the mirror sides are not parallel to each other). Can I still frame my mirror?

Yes, but adjustments will need to be made in the measuring process. Your frame can only be as big as the largest rectangle that fits on the mirror so some of the mirror may be visible outside the frame in one or two spots. Frame My Mirror®can ship oversize pieces for your project and an experienced trim carpenter can make the miters for the out-of-square walls to completely customize the fit.

Will the edge of the mirror be visible after the frame is installed?

Typically we add a 3/8 inch overhang on all frame orders, unless any obstructions prevent us from doing so. The overhang does a good job hiding the mirror edge and makes for a clean, finished look.

Is freight really free?

Yes it sure is. Shipping is free on all orders within the continental US when no frame piece exceeds 90 inches in length. Once the frame piece exceeds 90 inches, a $99 handling fee is added. Once the frame piece exceeds 95″, the frame is spliced – which is a precision cut made down the moulding to allow for the frame to ship via FedEx for free. Alaska and Hawaii have freight adders that are explained in the pricing areas.

What are Add A Frame® products made from?

We use two types of material to manufacture our Add A Frame® products. Most have an MDF profile base. MDF is a solid, smooth wood made by gluing wood fibers together under heat and pressure. The resulting material is entirely resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations.

The other base material used in some of the collections is wood. Pieces of wood are cut, edge glued, and finger-jointed together into core sheets. They are then cut and molded to form the profile base.

When can I expect my Add A Frame® order?

*All orders will begin processing the next business day following day of order placement. Shipping times are estimates based on standard order volume. Heavy promotional periods may lead to a slight delay in production. Add A Frame® orders in which the longest leg exceeds 90″ are subject to a $99 additional handling fee. Orders in which the longest leg exceeds 95″ require splicing to qualify for FedEx shipping.  Frame My Mirror®will furnish a shipping quote for any special or irregular orders. Shipping times are estimates based on standard order volume. Heavy promotional periods may lead to a slight delay in production. Frame My Mirror does not guarantee the estimated delivery windows and if a guaranteed delivery time is required, let us know at time of order placement as a shipping upcharge may apply. Lead times and rates can change at Frame My Mirror’s discretion without warning.

Framed Mirror FAQ

When will I receive my order?

*All orders will begin processing the next business day following day of order placement. Shipping times are estimates based on standard order volume. Heavy promotional periods may lead to a slight delay in production. Framed Mirrors that exceed 15.5 linear feet must ship LTL Delivery and are subject to a $325 additional handling fee when shipped within the contiguous US. When shipping to HI or AK, additional shipping fees apply. LTL Deliveries must be inspected upon delivery and require signature. Any LTL delivery that has arrived in an unacceptable condition can be refused by the customer and sent back with the carrier. Please reach out to a customer service representative immediately if a LTL delivery is refused as LTL handling fees are not eligible for refund.

Is there a tracking number for my package?

Once the frame mirror leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation email along with a tracking number. 

When selecting the size of a mirror, is it the inside mirror glass size or the outside of the frame?

You will be selecting the outside dimension of the frame/the space the complete framed mirror takes up on the wall.

Can I buy just the frame, without the mirror?

Sure! Give us a call at 800-331-6414 and we would be more than happy to provide you with pricing.

How do I hang a large mirror on the wall?

See our installation page here.

How thick is your mirror?

3/16” thickness.

How is the framed mirror shipped?

Each box is custom made to ensure the perfect fit for your framed mirror. It is then shipped via FedEx Ground and estimated to arrive to you within 2-5 business days.

How do I clean my framed mirror?

To clean the mirror, spray a glass cleaning solution onto a dust-free cloth and wipe the mirror clean. Do not spray cleaning solutions directly onto the mirror as this could damage the frame. To clean the frame, wipe it with a clean dust towel. Do not apply any cleaning solutions to the frame.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Frame My Mirror, LLC warranties Add-A-Frames and framed mirrors purchased from the company Frame My Mirror, LLC against manufacturer’s defects for up to one year from the purchase date to the original consumer of the product. Frame My Mirror, LLC will replace the defective frame/mirror with the same frame or a comparable frame up to the value of the original purchase.

To qualify for a replacement frame, the frame must be have been assembled and/or installed according to Frame My Mirror, LLC assembly and installation instructions. See our full return policy here.

Improper installation, harsh or abrasive cleaning products coming into contact with the frame, or excessive moisture coming into contact with the frame voids the warranty or any claim against Frame My Mirror, LLC for the product. Frame My Mirror, LLC reserves the right to inspect any claim prior to issuing a replacement frame. This may require returning the frame to Frame My Mirror, LLC. The scope of the warranty is limited to replacing the product and does not include labor to install a replacement, labor or cost to repair the original, or to remove the existing frame.

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