Washi tape serves as an excellent addition to the home-decorating arsenal. This decorative tape adds a stylish touch to revamp any room of the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom and even the kitchen.

Brighten the Bathroom Walls

The decor in the bathroom doesn't have to be boring, even if you live in an apartment. Instead of wishing you could repaint the walls, dress them up with washi tape designs. Add diagonal stripes in your favorite colors by applying strips of washi tape diagonally, using a large straightedge to help ensure straight lines. This project looks great when used on one wall, which can be just enough to spruce things up. If diagonal lines aren't quite your style, feel free to create chevrons, geometric shapes or even a giant birch tree, all possible with washi tape. Washi tape peels away easily when it's time to move or change styles, making it ideal for apartment dwellers.
Coordinate your tape designs and mirror frame colors, whether your mirror frame's style is Pendleton, Huntington or Weston.

Introduce Bedroom Bonanza

Washi tape also adds plenty of style to a bedroom; it's an excellent option for kids and teens who want to add their own personality to their space, too. Use the tape to make a colorful music wall, complete with notes, keyboards, guitars and a silhouette of an entire band. Even a young child could handle making a confetti wall, adding random strips of confetti tape to one wall for a playful effect.
Cover the top or edges of a well-worn desk with colorful patterned washi tape to make the desk look new, fun and funky. You could also use this technique to freshen up a nightstand, side table or toy box.

Incorporate Creativity in the Kitchen

Add a little personality to the kitchen by decorating the edges of shelves with washi tape; you can perk them up with prints of lemons, grapes, tomatoes or whatever else suits the room's style. Refresh kitchen storage canisters by adding stripes made of washi tape, choosing colors found in other decorative elements in the room. This is a great way to jazz up plain yet useful items kept on display in the kitchen.
Create geometric washi tape designs for the front of an ugly, outdated dishwasher to make it look more modern and stylish. You could even create a faux backsplash between the kitchen countertop and the cabinets overhead, all from strips of colorful washi tape. The sky's the limit when it comes to design options; go for chevrons or stripes, or cut tape pieces to look like tiles for a more elaborate look.