Spending more time isolated at home in the last year has certainly brought about new and different relationships to our spaces. Many people suddenly found that they could finagle a home office out of an underused closet or annex after all, while others took the opportunity to organize everything from their desk drawers to their games cupboard. Big and small, home improvement projects of all sizes have been gracing honey-do lists across the globe. Ahead, we’re discussing the top four most popular projects of the year.
Upgrading outdoors spaces
From planting hedges and starting vegetable gardens to totally outfitting the patio with new furniture, people across the world are giving their outdoor spaces a second glance. If you’re lucky enough to have a balconette, yard, or porch, there’s no better place to have your morning cup of coffee or enjoy an after-work glass of wine — and especially if the space is inviting and comfortable! Even apartment dwellers are giving natural surroundings more attention by giving more attention to their house plants and windowsill herbs. 
Organizing the closets
With shows like “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and “Get Organized with The Home Edit” surging to prominence in the last year or two, it’s no surprise that people used their downtime during lockdown to tackle overflowing closets. The trend has continued well into 2021 — people want the clutter GONE. 
Even though this home project doesn’t usually get a chance to shine when friends come over, it’s certainly one of the most satisfying! In the bedroom, in the hall, or in the bathroom, reorganizing closet spaces leads to piles of trash and donation bags, more functionality and visually appealing shelves.   
Painting a room
The fastest way to give a room a total makeover is to give it a fresh coat of paint! Plenty of people are wielding paint brushes this year. The most popular interior paint choices for 2021 include jewel tones (think deep blues and striking greens), rich browns, leafy greens, and blush pinks. Plus, the great thing about paint is that it’s not forever. If you change your mind in a few years, just bust the paint brushes back out!
Updating decor
Giving space a refresh doesn’t have to require hammers and nails, or even a gallon of paint. Simply updating decor has been top of mind for many people. Whether it’s switching coffee table books for something new, giving an old chair a needed slipcover, or splurging on new bedding, there are tons of ways to pack a big punch with a small budget. 
Our favorite home decor upgrade is — you guessed it — adding or framing mirrors. Mirrors catch light and can make a room feel bigger than it is, and a framed one can add a stylistic touch. No matter if you’re framing a big sheet mirror you already have or looking for a decorative mirror, we have you covered. Choose from tons of frame styles and finishes on our website now!