Decorating a large, blank wall feels like facing a vast desert. It’s a (literal) blank canvas that can be intimidating to tackle, especially knowing that it will be such a big focal point in your room. Whether your art collection is too small to fill the space, or you’re looking to make a statement, these decor ideas are sure to inspire your inner designer.

decorative mirror

Tip #1: Decorate with mirrors.

There’s no faster way to brighten up a room and double the size of your space than by incorporating mirrors into your decor. From the bathroom to the living room, a well-placed mirror can completely level-up your look. Lean an oversized mirror against the wall for a chic, design-forward look, create a gallery wall that incorporates mirrors, or create a Custom Framed Mirror for a tailored look that will add instant polish to your room. 

If you have a sheet mirror that isn’t doing much for you style-wise, adding a frame to the existing mirror is an affordable way to get a professionally designed look. Choose from 80+ frame styles and finishes with Add A Frame® for a fast, customized, easy-to-install end product.

Tip #2: Stagger a series of shelves.

When it comes to utilizing floor-to-ceiling space, it’s hard to beat shelves! Try floating shelves with layers of curated items to add interest. If you’re looking for practical storage in addition to stylish flair, consider coupling floating cabinets as the bottom “layer,” then stacking a few rows of coordinating floating shelves above them. Then, decorate them as you normally would with photos frames, decorative mirrors, and favorite knick-knacks.


Tip #3: Hang a rug.

Add instant warmth, color, and texture to your giant wall by putting a favorite rug on full display — and not by putting it on the floor! Hanging a textile can make a space feel pulled together and soft in a good way. Whether you’re hanging it behind a sofa, using it as a makeshift headboard, or covering up ugly cords or marks along the wall, it’s a major space-filler that is sure to make a big impact. 

Tip #4: Use a projector.

Transform your blank wall into the ultimate movie night hot spot! With a big wall, a projector, and a bag of popcorn, your space will instantly become the coolest spot to cozy up for a film. Use your projector old-school style to flip through vacation photos, or add a touch of nostalgia by running a silent film in the background of your next dinner party. It’s a fun way to make your space both functional and beautiful. 

Tip #5: Create an accent wall with wallpaper.

Having trouble choosing a statement piece of art for your wall? Why not make the entire wall a statement! Wallpaper is a tried-and-true method for adding dimension to a space, and the sky’s the limit on designs. Go bold with a geometric pattern, opt for a simple design for subtle change in texture, or get playful with a giant mural. 

Are you a renter? No problem! There are so many removable and peel-and-stick options available now, that you can get in on the wallpaper fun without kissing your security deposit goodbye. 


From major shelving installations to the simplest framed mirror, any one of these ideas is a sure way to spruce up your large wall. Interested in one of our framed mirrors but aren’t sure where to start? Chat with our in-house designer!

Whether you know exactly what you want and just need a little help pulling it all together, or you appreciate having someone walk you through your project a bit more closely, we are here to help! Our designer will listen carefully to your vision and make suggestions that reflect your unique style.

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