Are you someone who has big home renovation ambitions, but little time to achieve them? Well, take a deep breath and step away from your to-do list. We have a different list for you to try out — a list of DIY projects you can knock out in one weekend.
Picture it: No more lengthy, dragged out projects. No more mess and upheaval lasting for weeks on end. Just a job well done and a sense of accomplishment, all over the course of a weekend at home.
Feeling inspired? Try these suggestions.
Paint your baseboards 
Baseboards are notorious for getting dinged and neglected. A fresh layer of paint can make the whole room feel brighter and more pulled together — and all you'll need is a little tape to make it happen.
Hang a gallery wall
Gallery walls add visual intrigue to a room and allow you to personalize your space with favorite photos, memorabilia, art and practical items (like mirrors!). With just a little planning, measuring and a careful eye, you can have an entirely new focal point in your living room, all within a few hours.
Increase your curb appeal
Allow your home to give the best first impression by updating your landscaping, slapping a fresh coat of paint on your front door and placing new pavers to make a walkway. You'll be surprised to see what a big difference some potted plants and paint can make.
Hang new shelving
Floating shelves are easy to hang and offer plenty of decor opportunities to help you reduce clutter and express your style. Looking for something more practical? Hang hooks and shelving by the door to make your own entryway storage.
Recaulk your bathroom
Stay with us, here — this may seem like a difficult task, but it's actually fairly quick and can be incredibly satisfying. Plus, fresh caulk can help rid your bathroom of mildew and prevent future leaks. Simply remove the old caulk, clean underneath and allow the space to dry, then add a new layer. Good as new!
And there you have it! Your weekend to-do list is set. Now, get to work.
Need a mirror for your gallery wall?