A new season is here, and with it comes a burst of energy to get your home in ship-shape—but spring cleaning can only take you so far. If you’re itching to refresh your space and get it looking its best, how about giving your home a mini-facelift? With just a few easy DIY tasks, you can give any room a big boost without dipping too far into your bank account. Keep reading for our top budget-friendly ways to give your home a spring makeover.

#1: Switch out family pictures.

Is your family’s Christmas card photo still on the mantel? There’s nothing wrong with keeping up older photos, but swapping them out is a fast (and cheap) way to bring something new to a space. Update the photos in your frames around the house and it’ll feel like you have a whole new gallery!

#2: Replace your rug.

Rugs can anchor a room, add color, neutralize it, or add a certain moodiness, and all it takes is a bit of effort unrolling and rearranging. While switching yours may seem like a big task (who wants to move a sofa, after all?!), a new rug can completely transform a room.

Consider swapping out or adding on to your existing setup for a multi-dimensional, seasonally appropriate look. Add a lighter layer like jute or seagrass, which feels much more suited to warmer months than heavier wool blends. If you have the storage space, you could even keep rugs on a semi-regular rotation to make the space feel custom. To complete the revamp, add a throw pillow or two in an accent color that complements your new rug!

jute rug

#3: Frame your old mirror.

Rectangular sheet mirrors are the go-to in rentals, apartments, and builder-grade homes. Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch in order to upgrade your mirror significantly. With Add A Frame®, you can get a totally custom mirror frame shipped right to your door—no matter the length or height you're working with. Our Add A Frame® kits adhere directly to the surface of your mirror, so they will install easily if your mirror is against a wall or is resting on a backsplash.

add a frame

It’s a cost-effective option that can make a not-so-special mirror look professionally designed and personalized. Plus, with 80+ styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that’s tailor-made to suit your taste.


#4: Add wallpaper or paint.

If you’re craving a change of scenery this spring, adding a splash of color to a room is a surefire way to make it feel new. It can be intimidating to paint or wallpaper a room—because the truth is, color really *can* alter your entire space. (No pressure!) We say it’s worth the risk, though. If you’re not up to the commitment of paint or traditional pasted wallpaper, there are a wide range of peel-and-stick wallpaper options available. It’s still a labor-intensive process, but is ultimately reversible if you change your mind!

#5: Update hardware in bathrooms or kitchen.

Old, tarnished, or mismatched hardware can make a room seem tired and outdated. This is especially true of the kitchen and bathroom, as these faucets, cabinet handles, and drawer pulls tend to get a lot of use. Swapping out hardware is a relatively easy and inexpensive upgrade compared to replacing an entire vanity or tub, and it’s not nearly as time consuming.

From classic to contemporary, upgrading your hardware can change the tone of your decor and add cohesion across your home. And, finding a replacement you love shouldn’t prove too difficult, as most drawer and cabinet pulls come in standard sizing. 

bathroom hardware

Hopefully, these easy upgrades will inspire you to create a space that feels fresh for spring. And don’t forget: You don’t have to completely renovate to create the cheerful vibe you want. Putting out a vase of fresh flowers, swapping the fuzzy blanket for a light cotton throw, and a few decluttered cabinets can go a long way in making you feel ready to face the season feeling renewed. Happy DIY-ing!