Modern furniture can bring fashion-forward style to your home. But when you combine form with function, you take your interior to the next level. Discover five furniture pieces that make living at home fashionable and futuristic.

1. High-Tech Coffee Table

Take your everyday standard coffee table to the next level with the Sobro -- a high-tech coffee table that offers a place to play music, store books, and refrigerate beverages all in one setting. This coffee table has three storage drawers with one that's designed to keep your beverages cool. Control this coffee table's Bluetooth speakers with its touchscreen panel. Its tempered glass, rectangular shape and adjustable under-the-table LED lights help to create a futuristic look that easily modernizes a room.

2. Bubble Hanging Chair

Modernize your home with the updated mid-century vibe of a bubble hanging chair. With its fiberglass shell, steel chrome accents, and 360-degree swivel, this chair combines form with function that brings a futuristic look to any room.

3. LED Mirror

Modernizing your bathroom can be as simple as updating your lighting and wall hangings, and an LED mirror helps you do both in one go. Light-emitting diode lights offer the energy-saving benefits of high-efficiency and low power requirements and are a great way to modernize your bathroom when applied to a mirror. Frame My Mirror offers several LED mirror options, including the Medina LED lighted mirror and the Baylor LED lighted mirror. They come in a variety of sizes and orientations that are ideal for the space you have available.

4. Modular Bed and Workspace System

Living in a small apartment requires making the most of every square inch. Ori Systems answers this problem with its robotic furniture. It's equipped with a retractable bed and work station that's controlled by an app or via controls.

5. Smart Sofa

If you're into the smart home revolution, you'll love the Miliboo Smart Sofa. This sofa has a built-in wireless charging station so you can charge your mobile devices with ease. It also monitors your posture and tracks your TV-watching habits.

Final Thoughts

Modernizing your home with the right furniture pieces makes it easy to take an outdated interior to a functional setting with a futuristic vibe. Go for a modern look and select the furniture pieces that will help you take your home back to the future.
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