As tempting as it is to try new and unusual décor trends, sometimes embracing a classic style is your best bet for getting longevity out of your home design. By following timeless trends, you won’t have to worry about growing tired of your choices or constantly wanting to update to stay “in style.” Here are five trends to help make your home décor timeless: Neutral paint colors Choosing paint colors is a big commitment. While there may be certain (easily repainted) rooms of your home where you’re more likely to take a risk — your bathroom or a child’s room — stick to neutral paint colors in your main large living spaces. Built-in shelves Who doesn’t love a built-in shelf? Having more storage options is never a bad thing, and built-in shelves have the great ability to be both stylish and functional. Statement mirrors Whether on the wall or propped against a wall, an oversized statement mirror is a timeless way to add depth and visual intrigue to any room of your home. Not only does a statement mirror make a small room feel bigger and brighter, but it also gives you added function for checking your appearance. Keeping it simple One thing that’s sure to go out of style fast: an over-decorated, cluttered room. Erring on the side of minimalism will help your décor stay timeless and continually feel fresh. Area rugs Tying a room together with an area rug is never likely to go out of style. While certain colors and prints might change with the times, but the practice of adding a perfectly-sized area rug to warm up a room will always be on trend. Now, this post is not to say that you shouldn’t take risks in your décor — just make them intentionally and consider how easy they are to change if you grow tired of the current trend. Choose a timeless framed mirror or go bold with a specialty style!