Getting in the holiday spirit doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and patience, you can DIY festive holiday décor that your family can enjoy for years to come.
Here are our five best tips for making homemade holiday decorations a new tradition in your house.
Go Natural
If you know where to look, the great outdoors has plenty of (free!) craft supplies to offer. Head outside and gather pinecones, greenery clippings or even holly branches. You can arrange your foraged materials in a vase as a centerpiece or glue to a wreath base for a unique door decoration. Feeling extra crafty? Lightly spray your pinecones with white spray paint so they’ll look freshly dusted with snow.
Many common household items can be repurposed into holiday crafts — from ornaments, to napkin holders, to garlands. For instance, a little spray paint and glue transforms these clothespins into snowflakes and a little tape goes a long way in creating this paper towel roll holiday tree. Don’t be afraid to see the world of possibilities your recycling bin has to offer.
For the cost of a few oranges and apples, you can create a classic garland made of dehydrated fruit. Just slice your fruit thinly and place on a baking sheet for one to two hours at 200 degrees F. Once the fruit is dehydrated, you can thread a ribbon through for a lovely smelling garland or tie slices in bunches of threes to hang on your tree.
Keep It Simple
Christmas ball ornaments are inexpensive and often sold in bulk. Grab a big bag and fill hurricane vases for centerpieces or mantle decorations. Add in a few sprigs of greenery and you’ll have yourself a classic look that is easily remade every year.
Work With What You Have
Chances are, much of your existing home décor can easily get a holiday makeover. Consider draping lights or garlands over mirrors, tying ribbon around planter pots or covering paintings in wrapping paper. These simple changes can transform a room with minimal effort and supplies.
With these ideas as inspiration, your home will be in the holiday spirit in no time.
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