Mirrors can offer so much more than just a spot check your appearance. When used strategically, mirrors can make a home feel significantly more open and spacious. Ahead, we’re rounding up five clever ways to position mirrors to make the most of your space.
Make Your Space Seem Bigger
Because mirrors capture light and bounce it around a room, a general rule of thumb is to place your mirror adjacent to a window. This angle allows the mirror to perfectly catch the light and expand its reach. The more light a room has, the bigger and brighter it feels! (Of course, the bigger your mirror, the more space it will appear to create!)
Another option is to place your mirror opposite a window so that it can directly reflect 100% of the light pouring in. Either way, what matters is that you put careful thought into the “picture” that your mirror produces.
Double-down on Nature
Use your mirrors to bring the outside in! Since mirrors amplify anything in their path, consider positioning your mirror so that it reflects trees outside or a plant in the room. The added greenery can make a space feel much more open and connected to nature.
Give a Grand Entrance
Mirrors are not just handy for checking your hair when you walk in the front door. A big statement mirror in the front hallway can instantly make a house feel more light and uplifting to the person entering. As they say, there’s nothing like a first impression!
“Expand” Seating In the Dining Room
Not only can a mirror make your dining room feel bigger, but it can create the illusion of double the dinner guests! This adds to the energy of a gathering, and creates a vibrant atmosphere. Place one long, large mirror along the wall opposite of the door, or try using three smaller mirrors instead.
Make Your Mantel Magnificent
Instantly increase the size of your living room without down-sizing your furniture. Overmantel mirrors are a classic look, but getting the size right does matter. To figure out how big you need your overmantel mirror to be, double the height of your mantel shelf. Make sure that the width of the mirror is not wider than the mantel itself or things will look unbalanced.
How you position mirrors can certainly add light, balance and energy to a room. Of course, finding the right mirror frame in your desired finish, size, and shape makes a big difference on the overall look. Luckily, we can help with that!
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