In the world of real estate, space comes at a premium. When you’re dwelling in quarters that could use a bit more elbow room, it’s essential to make the most of what you have. Whether you’re in a slim apartment in a big city or a sprawling country home, it’s worth optimizing functionality to align with your lifestyle. Ahead, learn five expert tips to help you squeeze the most functionality out of your existing space.

1. Efficiently Divide Space with Pocket Doors

Open floor plans—a popular choice for modern home designs—make for easy entertaining, but they aren’t always the most practical for day-to-day living. Pocket doors are a sleek, practical solution for adding privacy or creating a distinct space where there previously wasn’t one—and all without the spatial footprint of traditional swinging doors. 

The beauty of pocket doors is that they slide seamlessly into the wall, saving valuable floor space. From sectioning off a home office to concealing a messy closet, pocket doors offer both style and functionality.

pocket door

2. Magnify Space with Strategic Mirror Placement

Double the perceived size of your room with the magic of mirrors. Mirrors bounce light around a room and can make it feel brighter and more spacious, and using them to create an illusion of more space is one of the oldest tricks in the design book. 

One practical place to implement this idea is to add floor-length mirrors to your closet doors. You’ll get a convenient spot for outfit-checks, and your bedroom will seem much larger. Amplify light even more by placing mirrors opposite windows so that they can reflect natural light, making your space feel more airy and inviting.

full length mirror in bedroom

Creating a Custom Framed Mirror is the ideal solution for unconventional dimensions, awkward walls, or slim corners. Be sure to check out our range of Decorative Mirrors for chic, contemporary designs that arrive ready to install. 

3. Make Your Desk (or Table) Pull Double Duty

When it comes to multifunctional spaces, versatility is key. Consider how you use each space in your home, and what each lacks. With a few simple additions, you can make a room twice as functional. 

For example: Easily transform your desk into a vanity by adding a mirror above and incorporating some savvy tabletop storage solutions. You’ll be able to easily transition from getting-ready station into productive home office. Does your dining table need to double as a homework area? Create a dedicated backpack drop-zone and school supply cupboard using a console or a few stylish baskets. Creating solutions for the way you *actually use* your space—and not just how you hope to use it—can be the key to unlocking a tidier, more practical home. 

4. Utilize Vertical Space with Corner Shelving

When floor space is limited, sometimes the only place to go is up. Corner shelving units are a practical, pretty way to capitalize on vertical storage space while adding visual interest to your room. A range of sizes and styles are available, meaning you can customize shelves for your specific needs. Use a mix of attractive baskets (to cover up unsightly items) along with decor items and curated vignettes. Get creative with it! 

storage units

5. Utilize Under Bed Storage

If you’re short on space, don’t skip the valuable storage room underneath your bed. With the right dust-proof storage containers, it’s the perfect spot to stash bulky winter clothing, holiday decor, and extra bedding. Using this out-of-sight spot will (hopefully) free up closet space that can be used for items that are used and touched on a daily basis. 

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No matter the size of your space, it’s likely that you can improve its functionality. You don’t need to make massive changes or undergo a big renovation in order to increase the practicality. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity (and a few good organizing containers). Embrace these small changes to unlock the potential in your home!