Hallways don’t typically get the same amount of decor attention as living rooms or bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean you should totally ignore yours. Hallways don’t need to be dead space — they can be stylish, functional, and full of your personality. Since hallways do pose some specific spatial challenges, read through the tips below to find a few clever solutions. 
1.) Pack in practicality.
If your hallway allows for it, add in elements that are both pretty and practical. A chic credenza with bonus storage cabinets below is useful, as are wall-mounted organization systems like mail hubs or hat racks. Additional items that are both functional and stylish include a bowl or tray for wallets, a custom-sized mirror for final touch-ups as you head out the door, and sturdy hooks for a purse (but make sure it’s secured in a stud if you tend to load your bag to the brim!).
brown bench with pillows and cheyanne round mirror on the wall
2.) Use a runner.
Add instant warmth to a long, narrow hallway with an area rug specifically sized for it — AKA a runner. Whether you go with a traditional-looking multi-colored pattern, go for a more modern look, or choose something on the neutral side, a runner can effortlessly define a hallway and infuse style. 
3.) Pick a pretty pendant light. 
Still working with the dome ceiling light that came with your home? Especially if your house was built a while ago, this is one update that is often overlooked. The best part: Replacing a pendant light doesn’t have to be expensive! Find a style that suits your home decor and swap out your fixture for one that adds a little ‘oomph’ to your hallway.
4.) Make it feel bigger with mirrors.
Mirrors do a magnificent job of opening up a space thanks to the way they reflect light and bounce it around. That’s wonderful news if you’re working with a hallway or entryway that feels a bit cramped! Whether you want to use Add A Frame® to customize a mirror for an awkwardly long wall, find a Decorative Mirror that perfectly reflects your home style, or simply incorporate a mirror into a gallery wall, we have what you need.
5.) Stick to simple. 
If you have a smaller entryway with a narrow hall, it’s smart to pare things back a bit instead of going overboard with all the decor ideas. For example, if you do use a small credenza, try not to overstuff it with picture frames, trays, a vase, and various knick-knacks. Let each item “breathe” — maybe just one flower vase and a tray for your wallet and keys. This will help keep the space from feeling cluttered.
flowers on table with cheyanne round mirror
6.) ...But not boring!
Even if you need to keep things scaled down in your hallway, that doesn’t mean it has to be bland! A hallway is sometimes the perfect place to inject a little personality without it feeling as over-the-top as it might in a full room. Try a fun, botanical wallpaper or chic modern print — it’s a great way to pack a design punch without worrying about cluttering your space.
Let us know which tips help your hallway style the most! Looking for more style inspiration? Check out this post: 5 Tips to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger