When it comes to tying up the final details for a decorative home, there’s more to it than just the mirror in your bathroom. One recent customer, a lifestyle blogger in Charleston, found a creative way to use Frame My Mirror to display some of her favorite keepsakes and turn them into wall art. This is just another way you can add final touches to your home with the help of a simple frame!

annie reeve's add a frame project

In Annie’s post, she details the ease of putting her frames together all by herself—something that can be a bit trickier if you follow a complete DIY route. Rather than expelling hours of energy on coordination, finding the right materials, exchanges, and building (and probably 10 trips to the hardware store - or run ins with power tools), she was able to put her items together with relative ease. Here’s a little more about Annie’s recent experience:
“The process was super easy. Pick a frame (you can also have samples sent to you if browsing online isn’t your thing), enter your dimensions, purchase. The package comes with everything you need (except a hammer), and I 100% did this ENTIRE project myself. I’m really proud of that fact. (I followed these step-by-step instructions)” 

annie reeeves supplies used

Here you’ll see every piece that was mailed directly to her doorstep (aside from your household hammer). There were no long lines, incorrect measurements, or missing pieces. All she had to do was give her dimensions, preference, wait for delivery, and assemble!
This is something Frame My Mirror does to mitigate the hassle of a complete DIY project. While many of these projects, particularly framing, look approachable, they tend to be far more time and cost intensive than originally planned. Before jumping fully into a framing DIY project, consider some of the costs and hassle:
Hardware Store Trips
How much time do you have to put into this project? Trying to find the ideal crown molding may take a few separate hardware store trips, and there’s a chance they might not have the style you’re looking for. What if you select a molding and change your mind? You’ll have to be ready to return your items, if the store accepts returns on cut molding at all. What if you make a mistake on cutting the molding? Are you ready to start over from scratch and repurchase those items? You’ll also need a variety of tools and paint. This is where the costs continue. There is an easier way..
Supplies & Assembly
The supplies required to transform your raw materials into a frame may be more extensive than you imagined (or are ready to tackle). You’ll need to be sure you have all the right tools before getting started. For cutting, this may include a hand or electric saw. If you have little to no experience with these tools, it may prove more difficult than you imagined. Are you capable of cutting a 45 degree angle with ease? Or operating power saws (YIKES!)? Next, you’ll have to consider paint selection and cost. There is also need for fasteners to get corners joined and mounts to get the frame on the wall.
End Result
By the time you’ve collected all of the supplies, added up the cost of tools, attempted to cut your molding accurately, and tried to fasten your mirror perfectly on the wall, will the costs and time be worth it? That’s where Frame My Mirror comes in. Saving you the hassle and added cost will make the process that much easier for you, and likely get you working on even more projects around the house. Why not just have the correct frame size and cut delivered to your door. All of the gratification of DIY, without the hassle or stress that this type of project could bring! Do some yourself, and leave the rest to us! The results are beautiful.

annie reeves completed frame diy project