Air plants are a growing trend and a must-have in every bathroom to brighten up your space and bring a little bit of nature into a room where you typically do not see much “natural green.”  Air plants are perfect for a bathroom - they do not require soil, just occasional watering and lighting from either a window or even a light in your bathroom!
air plant in wood on bathroom vanity
There are over 500 different types of air plants, most of which grow in Mexico and the Central American region.
Unlike most plants, they take their water through the leaf system, not through roots. Watering these plants is similar to giving your child a bath, you can either give them a thorough rinsing under running water or let them soak in a tub - especially if you have more than one, for about 20-30 minutes. You should give your plant a good rinsing at least once a week, and it is suggested that you let it do a soaking for about 30 minutes every 2-3 weeks for premium care.
Besides watering, there truly is not much upkeep. However, be sure to trim away any brown/dead leaves - these are harmful and can stunt the growth of the plant.
Most people like to keep their air plants in a see through container, which emphasizes that it is indeed soil-less. We have also seen them store in other creative habitats like seashells and pieces of driftwood.
airplant on driftwood with white wall
air plants in shells
Want to get in on this trend? Here’s a great site that you can not only learn more about the care and upkeep of your air plant, but also purchase from a diverse and beautiful inventory! Check out our friends at Air Plant Supply Co.