Using Frame My Mirror’s Add A Frame® is a simple and easy DIY way to affordably update your bathroom, we cannot stress that enough - and have the happy customers to prove it! This being said, we do receive a variety of questions from our customers, from style advice to a very common request which is “how does the frame attach to the mirror?”
The answer is simple! We include custom cut strips of two sided adhesive (tape) that is very durable in all conditions. The tape is low profile to attach the frame close to the mirror minimizing any gap or space between the glass and frame. We detail this out in our instructions, but you can see for yourself how easy the installation is by checking out our installation page, or you can order and see for yourself! Below we provide a little more info on the tape that is used to attach the frame, but feel free to reach out with any other questions that you may have regarding our Add A Frame!
double sided tape for framing a mirror
Frame My Mirror’s adhesive tape is a closed-cell polyethylene foam coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for optimum compatibility to a variety of materials. The tape is typically used as a glazing tape for window and door manufacturers, but works great in the setting for Add A Frame®. The exposed side is coated with an adhesive specifically designed for adhesion to wood, vinyl and aluminum materials, while the liner side is used to seal lite surfaces. The tape is constructed with patented cellular structured foam that is particularly resistant to weathering and water-absorption while providing a excellent long-lasting seal.
Characteristics of our tape:
  • Excellent adhesion to treated wood, rigid PVC, aluminum sash, and glass
  • Seals effectively against water, dust and light
  • Superior resistance to weathering, oxidation, and exposure to ultraviolet light
  • Special non-yellowing, non-staining water-white adhesives provide a clean aesthetic appearance
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures and dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Provides consistent and accurate application with a high grab tack for quick bonding result
  • Double sided adhesive with an easy peel liner
  • Ease of use: easy to handle, no waste, requires no mixing or special application equipment
guest bathroom frame update