The harsh reality is finally hitting me. Summer, my favorite season and yours, is coming to an end. Sunny days on the beach will soon be replaced by crisp autumn air and strolls along sidewalks sprinkled with fallen leaves. Don’t get me wrong, fall is great. Football season, a break from the heat, back to school. But there’s something magical about summer. Something I, personally, don’t want to let go of without a fight. So I went on a hunt for room design inspiration that embodies the summer spirit.

There’s no question, coastal colors scream summer. The calming sea-blue walls coupled with the bright yellow accents in this space are as clear and bright as a sunny day on the water without being over the top.

Incorporating natural materials, like the shell mirror here, is a great way to add texture while keeping true to that summer, beachside look.

If shells are a little too “beachy” for you, try incorporating wood and glass elements into your space instead. There’s something about the two textures together that reminds me of a day at the lake - smooth, glassy water surrounded by trees.

When all else fails, throw in some flowers. Beautiful, colorful flowers and summer go hand-in-hand. Having them around just makes you feel good. Plus, they’re probably the easiest way to dress up a room!
So, true, summer may be winding down. I accept it. But I may just take a few tips from these rooms to keep my space warm and coastal even while the weather takes a turn toward the chilly. If, like me, you plan on doing the same, be sure to send over some of your before and after shots. I’m always in the market for some design inspiration!