We can’t think of many things more boring than a home with all identical mirrors. No variety? No intrigue? *Shudders*
That said, combining mirror types can also feel a little tricky. You want to mix it up, but you don’t want to take it too far in the “eclectic” direction. Don’t worry — it can be done!
Whether you’re aiming for cohesion room to room or considering decorating with multiple mirrors in one room (be bold!), we’ve got you. Just follow these tips for achieving the following mirror style combos without making your home feel like a funhouse attraction.

Mixing wood + metal

The trendy combination of the natural warmth of wood and the coolness of metal is a great way to add sophistication and depth to a room. Simply aim to give your mirrors something else in common or complementary to tie them together — such as shape or undertone. For instance, if you have a dark wood mirror, try pairing it with a lighter metal finish, like steel or brass.
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round mirrors with mixed finishes

Mixing shapes

Perhaps the easiest way to mix it up, different shaped mirrors in your home or even in the same room can easily feel natural and cohesive. Try choosing different shapes of the same “family,” like all rounded mirrors, or different shapes of the same style, like all contemporary.

Mixing old and new

We’d never say “out with the old and in with the new” — we think it’s perfectly reasonable to keep both! Antique or vintage mirrors can easily mesh with newer, more modern mirrors when a few key details are taken into account. By considering other factors, like balancing warm and cool metals and adopting a cohesive color palette for your space, you can make old and new go together like peanut butter and jelly.
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old big gold mirrors

Mixing styles

If you just can’t choose between ornate mirrors and farmhouse mirrors, or nautical mirrors and vintage mirrors, here’s our advice: don’t! Instead, just as with these other categories, try to be intentional about how you mix various styles. Give your mirrors something in common that allows them to still look like they belong in the same room or same home together.
When in doubt? Go with what you love.
Mix it up with framed mirrors to suit any style.