When your mirror makeover calls for a specific color, our Weston Paintable Frame is the perfect choice. With clean lines and a contemporary style, the Weston has a paintable, primed white finish, which allows you to truly customize your space and get exactly the look you want. Ahead, we’re answering a few FAQs about our paintable frames.

What type of paint is best to use on MDF frames? 

MDF, which stands for medium density fiberboard, is a wood composite, which means it’s relatively porous compared to other wood types. For that reason, it is generally recommended to use an oil-based paint instead of a water-based paint. However, since our paintable frames come pre-primed, either type of paint will give it a flawless finish. 

Do I have to prime my MDF frame?

If you were starting from scratch, you’d need to sand down and prime the frame before painting it. That’s not the case with our Weston Paintable frame! It comes with a finish that’s already sanded and primed in a white coat of paint.

Is MDF good for painting?

Yes! MDF does not have the wood knots and variations like hardwood or plywood, so it’s smooth and easy to paint.
paintable frame gold

To paint your Weston MDF frame, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Select your paint color. Remember: Any oil-based paint is ideal, but water-based paint will work too.
STEP 2: Set the frame on a large canvas or spread of newspapers, preferably up off the floor. Use bricks, paint cans, or upside-down flower pots to help you reach all the angles and corners. 
STEP 3: Apply the paint all over with your preferred applicator. For this frame, all you really need is a regular paintbrush, but a roller or spray gun can make the process faster if you have either on hand. 
STEP 4: Once the first coat of paint feels dry to the touch, give your frame a good look and decide if you need a second coat. For a clean finish, check for any patchines and then cover the entire frame with another layer of paint. If you’re going for a distressed or textured look, one coat may be enough for your finish. 
STEP 5: Let it dry completely, and then you’re done! 
gold frame with green cabinets
Once your customized frame is finished, you’re ready to install. Be sure to include a photo of your finished frame in the reviews so we can see how good it looks! 
Ready to tackle your paint project? Shop the Weston Paintable Frame now!