Design inspiration is all around us, and a recent visit to a friends house led us to discuss the versatility of Scandinavian décor used in a bathroom - one of our favorites. The bathroom is a place for peace, a place where we can ponder our thoughts and dreams and in some cases plan to turn them into a reality. Scandinavian style can create the perfect environment for just that. A peaceful getaway from it all right in your own home.
Below are some of the elements we feel complete a Scandinavian inspired bathroom, feel free to send us pictures of your own!
The sink: Clean and unique look.
Scandanavian Sink
Image: Thomas Quine / License

The faucet: Gold Gold Gold
Scandanavian Faucet
Image: Rennett Stowe / License

Textures: Patterned tiled floor, patterned rug and heavy white washed wood.
Scandanavian Texture
Accents: Fresh flowers and greens.
Scandanavian Accents
Image: Antranais / License