Whether you’re redecorating or simply upgrading your space, you have to decide: Should you frame your mirror or replace it? Framing your mirror can be a cost-effective way to get an all-new look — but you have to consider whether or not your current mirror is too worn out to be useful. Ahead, a few tips on how to tell if your mirror is ready to be replaced: 
You have major dark spots.
You’ve likely seen a tarnished mirror in an antique store with blackened edges. This process, called desilvering, can happen when mirrors aren’t properly maintained. If the damage is just on the edges, you can likely cover it up with a nice frame and get many more years out of your mirror. However, if the dark spot is in the middle of the mirror or somewhere not close to the edge, it’s time to replace it. 
Your mirror has a crack. 
A cracked mirror is more than just seven years of bad luck, it can be a real safety threat! A crack is susceptible to a full break, which can cause injuries and cuts. This is one sign that you definitely need to replace your mirror. 
Your image gets distorted. 
A warped mirror is only fun in a fun house — not so much when you’re trying to check out your new outfit or apply makeup! The glass in a mirror can wear down over time to a point where the reflected image is no longer accurate. While looking taller or thinner may be fun, it’s a clear signal that it’s time to let that mirror go.
Sure, there are some obvious signs that it’s time to replace a mirror — but what if it’s not ready to be rid of entirely? 
working on putting add a frame® together
Here’s how to tell if you should frame your existing mirror:
You want a new look. 
Maybe you’re renovating the bathroom and going for a refreshed mirror style, or maybe you are just bored of what you have and are ready to change things up. Either way, you can save money and enjoy a new style by repurposing what you already have! Framing your mirror is a wonderful option if yours looks unfinished or unprofessional.
add a frame on a double sink
The desilvering is just around the edges.
As it’s mentioned above, if the black spots on your mirror are limited to just a few inches from the mirror’s edge, using a custom frame for your mirror provides an easy way to hide those dark spots while aesthetically enhancing your space. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to make your mirror stretch its lifespan!
You’re fitting a specific space.
If your mirror is in pretty good shape and it’s in a funky spot or has an atypical shape, you are likely better off adding a frame instead of trying to find one to replace it. Awkwardly long hallways, off-center bathroom vanities, at-home gyms — all of these spaces tend to call for uniquely sized mirrors. Luckily, our Add A Frame® option is ideal for any mirror size. 
Instantly add a pop of personalization and polish to your space with a framed mirror. You have a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from — and you can find the perfect fit here!