Being in the bathroom remodeling business we see this question a lot. How does steam or fog from your shower affect a mirror or frame - specifically our adhesive used in our Add A Frames? Well, our Add A Frames are built with the bathroom in the mind. The frames are finished with a laminated wrap, which protects the MDF from swelling or bowing in a moisture-rich space like a bathroom. The adhesive that is used with our Add A Frames is of an industrial grade and is meant to specifically adhere MDF to glass. Moisture is not going to cause the adhesive to come unstuck from the mirror, just be sure not to allow water to come into direct contact with the adhesive and sit for a long period of time.
There really isn't anything you can do to avoid steam from a shower completely (and no one wants to take a cold shower!), but you can rest assured that the steam in the bathroom won't hurt the frame that you just installed!
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