If you follow trends closely, it can seem like one week your style is in…and the next it’s out. But worry no more — we have a list of today’s hottest home décor trends that are going to stand the test of time.
Navy blue
Whether painted as an accent wall or incorporated throughout your décor, navy is a timeless color choice that always looks classy.
Free-standing bathtubs
Update your bathroom with this always stunning, always luxurious design choice. Bonus points for vintage claw feet!
Pops of color
Bright accents can serve the dual purpose of brightening up a room and tying your décor together.
Black and white
You can always count on these two ends of the color spectrum to work well together and create a timeless feel. Whether in kitchens or bathrooms, you won’t regret embracing this combo.
Vintage accents
Old is always in. Hit up the antique store and find some vintage accents to bring some historic décor into your home.
Live plants
Nothing will make a room feel more pulled together and complete than adding some fresh greenery and plants. You can rise above your black thumb and make it happen!
Statement art
While framed photos and gallery walls are great, investing in a piece of statement art can really make a visual impact.
From their light-bouncing abilities, to the practical use, mirrors add brightness and functionality to any room.
Cozy fabrics
From stylish throws, to soft-textured couches, there’s a never-ending snuggly appeal to cozy fabrics.
Non-white kitchens
White kitchens had their day in the sun and now more natural neutrals are taking over the trends — and we don’t think this shift is going anywhere anytime soon.
Of course, the most important thing about a “trend” isn’t whether it’s in style — it’s whether you like it. Go with your gut and your style first, then worry about whether it’s on trend.
We’re just glad mirrors are always in style. Get yours!