What color do you think of the most when it comes to bathroom décor?
If you’re like most people, the answer is white. White bathroom vanities, white tubs, white tile, white walls — white from ceiling to floor. However, there’s a new bathroom color trend that capitalizes on one of the top rules of fashion: navy is always in style.
That’s right: we’re here to talk about incorporating more navy design items into your bathroom décor. Just like with kitchen design, using navy design elements in bathrooms is growing in popularity. From painting your vanity navy, to embracing navy tile — there are tons of great ideas for darkening your bathroom décor with this always classy color.
So, how can you go about incorporating navy into your bathroom décor? Here are a few tips:
  • Mix navy and white. Visualize a classic checkered tile, and then use that as inspiration for a bathroom that balances both sides of the color spectrum.
  • Mix navy and copper. The shine of the copper makes a perfect complement to navy. Try painting your vanity cabinet navy, then adding a copper faucet, copper soap dispenser or copper drawer pulls.
  • Mix navy with any metal. However, it isn’t just copper that goes great with navy. Both silver and gold accents can also create a great, timeless look.
  • Paint an accent wall. While you’ll want to make sure having a navy wall wouldn’t overpower a small space, this bold choice can really take the depth of color to a whole new level.
If you’ve been debating a bathroom upgrade, now’s the time to go bold with the darkness of navy.
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