With so many ways to stay in touch these days — from text messages, to DMs, to snaps — the art of the love letter has all but fallen by the wayside. However, there’s nothing like a sweet handwritten gesture to boost the day of someone special. And there’s no better place to do it than the bathroom mirror.
Whether for your partner, your roommate or even your child, bathroom mirror love notes can turn the chore of getting ready in the morning into a warm-fuzzy experience. Here are three reasons to adopt this simple gesture of kindness:
It’s quick and easy
Unlike purchasing a card or planning a date night, leaving a love note on the bathroom mirror is something you can do quickly and spontaneously. And while it may not require much time and effort, the way it will make the object of your affection feel is more than worth it. Plus, you don’t have to spend a ton of time thinking up what to say — in fact, given the medium, keeping it short and sweet is truly your best bet. Something like, “You look great today,” “I love your smile” or “I’m so proud of you” might be all it takes the change the course of someone’s day.
Clean up is a breeze
Simply keep a stack of post-it notes or a dry erase marker in your bathroom drawer for when the inspiration strikes. If your loved one is sentimental, they may want to keep your notes, making post-its the better choice. However, a dry erase marker is handy for jotting off a quick note of encouragement and, as a bonus, it easily wipes clean from your mirror with a little glass cleaner.
Nothing beats the unexpected
The element of surprise is key with mirror love notes. Picture your loved one walking bleary-eyed into the bathroom to take their morning shower, only to be pleasantly surprised by a sweet sentiment left just for them. Even if you make leaving bathroom mirror love notes a frequent practice, the anticipation of what your note will say on any given day is bound to put a spring in your sweetie’s step.
Valentine’s Day may be over, but spreading love should be a year-round practice — and bathroom mirror love notes are the perfect simple way to show someone you care.
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