A disorganized and over-cluttered bathroom can take your morning routine from pleasant to hectic with the opening of just one messy drawer. But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way! With these few quick de-cluttering tips, you can be on your way to better bathroom organization and a smoother morning routine.
Get rid of what you don’t use
It can be tempting to hold on to sample-size products, thinking you’ll want to try them “someday.” However, in reality, those products are more likely to go forgotten and cause unnecessary clutter. Instead, consider donating unopened hotel shampoos and bars of soap to a shelter where they can be put to much better use.
Use storage options that work
Part of what can make your space feel so disorganized is a lack of workable storage options. Invest a small amount of money into game-changing storage options like drawer dividers, under the sink turntables and cute baskets.
Make sure everything belongs
If you’re like most of us, chances are you have some items floating around your bathroom that don’t really belong there — like that extra package of batteries that you meant to carry into the living room, or that coffee mug that really needs a run through the dishwasher. Clear out anything that isn’t essential for bathroom tasks and move it to a location that makes more sense.
Embrace labels
Reorganizing is great — until you realize you have no idea where anything is anymore. Luckily, labels are great for keeping your system working long after the initial purge. You can invest in a fancy label maker or keep it simple with sticky labels and a sharpie.
Consider your routine
Ideally, your bathroom space should be as functional as possible for your needs. Think through how you like to get ready in the morning and design your organization in a way that makes sense. Group similar use products together to streamline your routine, like hair products and make-up in one area and hygiene products in another.
Your bathroom should be sacred — not cluttered. You’ll be surprised how much some simple organization and de-cluttering can change your space and change your mood.
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