Mirrors can brighten up a room, make a space seem bigger, and be super practical to use. And as it turns out, there’s no law that says you have to actually hang it on the wall! One trend that has gained popularity in recent years is to lean mirrors and artwork against a wall instead of mounting them. And we have to admit: We are completely on board.
On the mantle over the fireplace is a popular place for this look, as is an open shelving unit. There’s a certain modern, yet unpretentious vibe that a leaning mirror evokes, and that’s just one reason we think it’s a great choice for decor. Ahead, three more reasons we love this trend:

Reason #1: It’s rent-friendly.

It’s hard to say where leaning mirrors truly got their origins, but one safe bet is to give the credit to renters! When you don’t own your space, there are usually rules against putting holes in the wall (even if that rule is that you have to repaint after you move out). Leaning a mirror — whether it’s a giant floor mirror against a wall or a small framed mirror on a bedroom shelf — is a commitment-free way to incorporate mirrors and help guarantee you get that safety deposit back.black mirror on floor in living room leaning on wall

Reason #2: You can add varying heights to your decor.

Thoughtful layering in a space is the key to good design, and leaning a framed mirror or piece of artwork on the shelf or mantle can be just the ticket to get you there. With a leaning mirror, it’s easy to include a variation of heights and shapes into a vignette. For example, picture a mantle over a fireplace with a straight line of picture frames across it. Boring, right? Add a vase, an interesting mini-sculpture, and a leaning mirror to double the impact, and voila!cute gold decorative mirror resting on mantle and wall next to vase of flowers, candles, and decor

Reason #3: Redecorating is easy.

Not only does a leaning mirror give off an essence of relaxed elegance, it’s also incredibly convenient. No need to break out your level, measuring tape, hammer and nails! When it comes to decorating, we’re all for one less chore. If you’re someone who likes to “reimagine” your space on the regular, leaning your mirror allows you to easily change up your decor without leaving a smattering of spackle all over your walls. Score!
If you’re equally obsessed with the leaning mirror trend, build a Custom Framed Mirror for a leaning look that’s one hundred percent your style.