When you walk into a spa, your shoulders automatically lower from your ears and your jaw unclenches — at least, that’s the goal, right? A state of total relaxation and rejuvenation shouldn’t stay reserved for special destinations. Bring that sense of spa right into your own bathroom so that every day feels a little luxurious!
From the lighting to the aroma to the textures, a true spa-like atmosphere should impact all five senses. Ahead, read a few easy ways to upgrade your bathroom to feel like a mini-getaway.

1.) Incorporate greenery.

Get that earthy, natural vibe you love so much about your favorite spa by including greenery in your design. For a fresh scent that doubles as decor, use eucalyptus hanging from your showerhead or even a potted mint plant on your windowsill. Of course, going faux is always an option. An artificial snake plant in the corner or a pothos draping from your shelf can add that lush organic look you want.
greenery and plants in bathroom highland black mirror

2.) Use matching dispensers. 

A coordinating set of soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and other cup-style containers to hold your various knick-knacks can be a cost-effective way to add some cohesion into your bathroom. If you’re looking for that elevated spa feel, try all-white ceramic pieces, all-natural wood, or something with similarly clean lines. 

3.) Think through lighting carefully.

Spas are loved for their relaxing, calming atmosphere, and a lot of that is thanks to the lighting. Soft, beautifully scented candles like lavender or eucalyptus add instant ambiance and enliven the senses. Well-placed sconces can offer a more flattering light than harsh overhead fluorescents. If installing new light fixtures isn’t an option, consider using a lower wattage lightbulb or dimmer for a more relaxing mood. 
dim lit bathroom two sinks framed mirror

4.) Diffuse essential oils. 

Essential oils are, well, essential to the spa atmosphere. Scent really can set the mood, and essential oils are a beautiful (and fire-safe!) way to strike the right tone. Lean into aromatherapy with a chic oil diffuser and lineup of oils that promote relaxation. Try lavender with ylang-ylang, patchouli with sweet orange, or sage with sandalwood and find a combination that speaks to you. 

5.) Frame your mirror.

At a luxury spa, every texture and detail is important. One easy way to add instant polish to your bathroom is to frame the mirror (or mirrors) over your vanity and sink. Framing your existing mirror is a relatively inexpensive way to give your bathroom a refresh and make it feel professionally designed. Best of all, there are styles available to suit any decor style — whether you’re going for that clean, contemporary spa feel or a more intricate, luxe look.
black framed mirror in white bathroom
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