If customized properly, a mirror is one of the best choices for over-mantle decor because it brightens the wall and creates the illusion of space. The simplicity of a mirror also allows for the addition of seasonal or thematic home goods like baskets, small sculptures, flowers and lights. If you have a mirror in mind for the mantle, here's a short guide to customizing the frame to best suit your home decor:


Determining a size for your fireplace mirror is easy with a measuring tool and roll of masking tape. Stand on a utility stool and use the tape to frame out a rectangle that has the dimensions you desire, adjusting the tape strips as needed. Stand back to make sure the size is correct, then use the measuring tool to record the width and height of the rectangle's outside edge. Remember that you're measuring the entire size of the mirror, including its frame. Write down the measurements and remove the masking tape.


The style of your fireplace itself should guide your decision. Is it made of bricks, metal, marble, cement or another material? If the fireplace and mantle are ornamental Victorian, for example, your mirror frame should match that ethos -- unless you're after an eclectic look -- so browse our Ornate collection for a frame with scrolls or filigree. If you have a black metal fireplace and dark oak mantle, go for a sleek, glossy wood frame instead. The Pendleton collection is a good place to start. A thin metallic-style could accentuate a minimalist cement fireplace, and a midcentury ceramic fireplace could carry off dramatic inset bevels.


More than any factor, color helps you achieve the look you want. Imagine your white painted brick fireplace with a rustic wood mirror above -- the contrast adds interest to the room. The same white fireplace accented by a pale green beveled frame makes a more neutral statement. A metallic frame in brass, bronze, copper or silver adds a touch of luxury to any fireplace, and a distressed frame in white, brown or blue lends an air of casual chic.
You don't have to be a professional interior designer to create the perfect custom framed mirrors. If you still hesitate after moving through your checklist, order a few samples to get a more solid sense of how each frame would look in your room. If your mirror is already on the wall without a frame, our Add A Frame installation kit provides everything you need for installation. With your order on the way, you can be confident that the new mirror above your mantle will be a valuable addition to the room.