Summers at the shore are a time-honored way of enjoying the season, but you don't need to live at the beach to make your house feel like a relaxing seaside cottage. Try these tips to freshen up your decor and give your home a cottage makeover.

Whitewash the Walls

There's nothing like crisp white walls to make you feel more relaxed. After all, it's a color that goes with everything. Painting your walls white will instantly brighten your space so it feels airy and light.

Choose Classic Colors

Shades of sandy tan, sky blue and a whole range of blue-greens, such as aquamarine and seafoam green, will transform your space into a tranquil center of calm. Use these shades instead of white, or choose accessories like throw pillows and area rugs in these shades to add a pop of color.

Add Rustic Accessories

Driftwood, sea glass and shells make great accessories that add flair to a beach cottage look. Consider decorating a mantel or shelf with these items to solidify the theme. You can also add accessories made of rustic wood. For example, a custom framed mirror in distressed wood or a rough-sawn finish will look great in the bathroom or entry hall.

Try a Little Texture

Dune grasses add to the sensory experience with their rustling in the breeze. Now, you can do the same for your home with sea grass accessories. Consider rugs made of jute or other natural fibers, or try lamp shades made woven paper or other natural fibers.

Say Hello to Sunshine

Get in the spirit of summer by embracing fresh air and sunshine in your home. Remove any heavy drapes or blinds that block out light, and replace them with airy muslin curtains or translucent sheers. This will let sunlight stream in while still affording you some privacy during the season.
With just a few thoughtful touches, you can transform your home into a restful retreat from everyday worries. Add a few beach touches and some relaxing colors, and you'll feel like you're away on permanent vacation.