We all have those rooms in our home where we didn’t put as much effort into the décor and the end result is—well—a tad boring. However, instead of just resigning yourself to having “that one boring room” in your home, the time is now to do something about it.
Luckily, you don’t have to do a complete renovation or fully redecorate in order to spruce up a boring room. In fact, even make a few small tweaks and changes can make a huge difference in the looks and feel of a room.
Here are our three best tips for sprucing up a boring room:
Add a new rug
The right rug is often the key missing element to tie a room together. Just be mindful of choosing the right size for your room (hint: visually, it’s best to either find a rug that is big enough to contain all or almost all of the furniture in a given room) and finding a pattern that doesn’t completely overwhelm the senses. Beyond those two concerns, the right rug can be a subtle focal point that makes a previously unremarkable room much more appealing.
Decorate the walls
Wall décor helps move the eyes upwards and allows a room to feel “finished,” even when furniture is sparse. However, you don’t have to break the bank on expensive art in order to achieve this effect. Consider framing some family photos, purchasing a new mirror, framing and existing mirror, creating a gallery wall.
Fill in with fresh accents
Accent pieces like pillows, curtains or even shelving décor offer the perfect small opportunity to “complete” a room. Something as simple as adding a decorative tray to your coffee table or a new vase to your shelving unit might be just the right touch you need to bring a room together. When adding accents, it’s best to not overthink it and just go with complementary items that bring you happiness.
A boring room will only stay as boring as you let it. By adding intrigue and style, you can easily spruce up a drab space with minimal spending and effort.
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