While our signature Add A Frame® option is great for mirrors that lack a frame, an already-framed mirror is the best choice when you’re starting from scratch and adding a mirror to a room where one doesn’t already exist. With plenty of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from, you can easily find a mirror that suits your space and style.
First, think about the style of the room where your mirror will hang. Is the design traditional? Contemporary? Would something more ornate or rustic look better with your existing furniture?
If you can’t narrow down your style to one of those exact categories, perhaps thinking of the finish you’d like is the best place to start. You might already know you want a wooden-framed mirror. Or, maybe your bathroom has bronze fixtures and you want your frame to match. Knowing a basic color or texture can help structure your decision and make the choices less overwhelming.
Next, think about what size mirror you need for your space. Our frame mirrors are custom-sized, so you can enter your dimensions and get the exact right-sized mirror you need — no compromising necessary.
Finally, all of our framed mirrors are available in standard, beveled and antiqued style. Standard mirrors have a clean, polished edge, while beveled mirrors have an angled edge that gives the illusion of a mirrored frame. For a unique look, our antiqued mirrors have polished edges and distressing behind the glass. While they aren’t as functional as the two other styles, an antiqued mirror can add a lot of character to a room.
When it comes to purchasing a new mirror, you deserve to get exactly what you want — and with our framed mirrors, that’s possible. With dozens of frame options to consider and custom sizing, we feel confident in saying there’s truly something for everyone.
Ready to see for yourself? Shop framed mirrors.