It’s no secret: we talk a lot about framed mirrors around here. Whether chatting about our signature Add A Frame® option or waxing poetic about our beautiful already-framed mirrors, it’s safe to say we’re pretty big fans of the framed mirror look.
However, as much as we love a statement thick-framed mirror in a bathroom, over a vanity or as part of a gallery wall, we also know that some spaces require a more delicate look. That’s where our line of decorative mirrors comes in.
These mirrors are subtle and timeless. With thin frames in a variety of metals — nickel, bronze and gold — these understated mirrors can add depth and intrigue to small spaces without being overpowering. While most are still framed, the thin, subtle outline allows the shape of the mirror to really shine. Or, if you’re interested in really highlighting the beauty of the mirror without a frame, consider going with the beveled look of our oval decorative mirror. And speaking of shapes, these decorative mirrors have curves in all the right places, with rounded corner rectangles, ovals and circular options.
Ideal for a delicate powder room, our decorative mirrors embrace a modern, sleek style that aims to complement the other features of the room, rather than take center stage. Choose a frame that matches the finish of your bathroom or go bold and mix metals. As for shape, consider how each option would fit in your space. For taller ceilings, your best bet might be an oval or rectangle to draw the eyes upwards. Or, if your bathroom is otherwise designed with hard angles and sharp edges, a round circular mirror might provide just the right amount of visual intrigue.
Whatever style you choose, our collection of decorative mirrors is bound to enhance the brightness and beauty of any room. And it’s something even we can admit: sometimes, less frame is better.
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