More often than not, when we talk about decorating with mirrors, we’re sharing ideas about wall placement and framing options — but who ever said mirrors had to be confined to the walls? By making your mirror decorating choices a bit more “off-the-wall” (literally!), you can add dimension and intrigue to a room. How? We’re so glad you asked.
In a centerpiece
While you may be able to find a mirrored tray, you can also repurpose a rounded framed mirror to be the base of a centerpiece in your dining room or on your coffee table. Then strategically placing other decorative items — like a small bud vase of flowers, cute salt and peppershakers or an ornate candle — and watch how the reflection of your décor creates a pleasing visual element.
On shelves
Staging shelves can be a process. You don’t want them to look too cluttered or too sparse, but you also need certain items displayed. Utilizing a mirror on a shelf gives the entire room a reflective quality that can enhance your space and develop an illusion of depth.
In furniture
Mirrored tables, bar tops and even dressers aren’t just beautiful and practical — they can also create dynamic reflections around a room. Plus, glass framed furniture looks less bulky in a small space, so it can be an ideal way for maximizing minimal square footage.
On kitchen cabinets
It might sound a little too off the wall, but replacing the center panel of your kitchen cabinets with a mirror can make your kitchen feel brighter and bigger almost instantly. Especially when paired with light paint colors and countertops, mirrored kitchen cabinets can be a huge design win.
Just like some ideas require out-of-the-box thinking, sometimes decorating with mirrors is best when your ideas are a bit off-the-wall. Whether using big mirrors, small mirrors or mirrors incorporated into furniture, you’ll be amazed at how their subtle reflective qualities can transform a space.
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