Your bathroom should reflect your personal style — but what does that really mean?
If you’re a new homeowner or living on your own for the first time, developing your own personal style can often be overwhelming. Where do you start? What if you like lots of different styles?
Luckily, bathrooms are the perfect sized room to dip your toes into the home decorating waters. With a smaller space, you can more easily experiment to find what best reflects your likes and dislikes.
As you begin looking at new shower curtains, toothpaste holders and mirrors, here are some decorating styles to consider:
With simple touches and geometric shapes, a modern-style bathroom is likely to rely on neutral colors, natural materials and clean lines. To achieve this look, think of less as more. You won’t want your vanity cluttered with toiletries and anything overly ornate or colorful would feel out of place.
On the opposite end of the decorating spectrum, creating a playful style bathroom would allow you the freedom to be as quirky and colorful as you want. While you’ll still want to choose items and finishes that complement each other, this style is ideal for decorators who are drawn to bright floral shower curtains and unique tile choices.
Do you love vintage textiles, greenery and well-integrated pops of color? Are you a fan of eye-catching patterns and unique tiling? Well, then a bohemian style bathroom might be just your speed. Start by pairing an ornately framed mirror with a colorful patterned rug and see how your style emerges.
The best thing about classic décor is it never goes out of style. Cool-toned colors, clean lines and elegant touches combine to create a timeless, luxurious space. And don’t worry — classic doesn’t mean out-of-date. Traditional touches like marble vanities and subtle patterns will maintain their appeal for years to come.
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