As the calendar flips to a fresh new year, there are a few trends you can expect to see cropping up in the interior design and DIY space. Ahead, we’re walking you through five trends you’ll definitely see more of in 2024.

1. Mixing Metals

Uniformity is on its way out the door in 2024. Mixing metallics is a designer-approved way to add a little personality to a room. This helps a space feel more lived-in and personalized and less like it was pulled directly from a stock catalog.  

mixing metals

For example, you might choose a matte black frame for your bathroom vanity mirrors with chrome hardware and bathroom fixtures. Or, you could mix a gold mirror into a gallery wall featuring both bronze and walnut picture frames. Don't be afraid to venture outside the "safe" zone of a matchy-matchy look.

2. Going Retro

As we all look to the future and what 2024 will bring, it seems designers are hitting rewind to find inspiration. Retro color palettes from the 50s, 60s, and 70s—specifically mustard yellow, burnt orange, avocado green, and bubble gum pink—are currently dominating decor trends. 

Not ready to commit to these bold color choices? Lean into the vibe without going overboard by using less saturated hues. Blended, washed-out dyes are still “in” and can give that punch of color and nostalgia you desire.

3. Pairing Old With New

Decor trends are edging away from the super-sleek look of ultra-minimalists. In 2024, expect to see more balance between vintage and contemporary pieces. Although this particular design approach has been embraced by high-end designers for decades, it seems to be gaining more commercial popularity over the last year. 

When carefully curated, vintage pieces can bring a lot of charm and character to your space. An older, well-made piece can make even a brand-new build feel storied and full of family history. You might place an antiqued mirror above your modern sofa, or create a vignette of vintage vases on a chic new side table. The possibilities are endless!

antique mirror with modern chair

4. Staying Ahead of the Curve

From furniture to wall art to architecture, rounded edges will be all the rage in 2024. Curved lines—especially in furniture like club chairs and coffee tables—read softer and more feminine than sharp square edges. 

No need to get rid of your entire living room! Simple additions and swaps can get the idea across. Try adding a rounded mirror, a cushioned round ottoman, or even artwork featuring curved lines. Though the design choices may be subtle, these pieces can make a space feel more welcoming and fluid. 

5. Playing with Textures

In 2024, interior design will go well beyond the visual realm and include more sensory stimulation. Texture plays a pivotal role in creating that multi-sensory experience, and can add more depth and interest to a room. 

Picture plush velvet sofas, ornate framed mirrors, and intricately textured rugs that invite tactile exploration. This trend adds a layer of sophistication to your space, inviting you to see AND feel the design elements that surround you. 

ornate mirror

Overall, design trends for 2024 lean toward personalization, customization, and less sterile-feeling spaces. (Speaking of, if you're looking for a low-cost way to customize an old sheet mirror, we have you covered.)

Across the board, we recommend a "less is more" approach to design. From bold paint to vintage furniture, this allows your home style to really shine.