Searching for the perfect gift for a DIYer? We all have that one person on our gift list—you know the one: the enthusiastic project junkie who is typically elbow-deep in a home improvement project (and usually has a fleck or two of paint on their shirt). 

We’ve curated a list of seven tried-and-true ideas that always elicit a smile from those who are passionate about home projects and upgrading their living spaces. Keep reading to find a present that will delight the home improvement enthusiast in your life.

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1. Paint Brush Cover

Simple, but so handy for those who like to do paint work themselves. This handy tool keeps brushes from drying out in between coats. It’s an energy and time-saver—two things that DIYers are always happy to have.   

2. Personalized Workshop Apron

For a functional gift that’s still deeply personal, opt for a charming, personalized workshop apron. It will help keep the DIYer’s clothes (somewhat) clean, and make them think of you every time they put it on. Whether you make it yourself or outsource to a maker (try Etsy if you can’t find someone locally!), be sure to choose a durable material like waxed canvas.

3. Add A Frame® Kit

Contribute to your person's bathroom makeover by taking their vanity mirror to the next level. Add A Frame® makes it simple to bring an old mirror back to life, and it's simple to install. 

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Not sure what style will suit their taste? Go for a FMM E-Gift Card and let them do the selecting themself! It's a thoughtful way to help boost their home style while letting them get exactly what they want. Bonus: It delivers instantly via email—great for last-minute gifting!

4. High-Quality Work Gloves

Slip a little safety and style into their stocking! Protecting hands during home projects is critical, and the right gloves can help keep your DIYer safe. Look for gloves with reinforced palms and a snug fit to ensure comfort and lasting durability for long hours of creating, crafting, and working. 

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5. A Right-Angle Drill Attachment

It’s one of those things that you don’t need until you need it NOW—and so it’s ideal for the DIYer to have one on deck. Perfect for hard-to-reach places, this type of drill attachment makes projects (and life) just a little bit smoother. 

6. Year-Long Subscription

Knowledge is power, right? Fuel their passion for learning new home improvement skills by buying them a subscription to a DIY magazine or an online course platform. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving, and it provides a resource that they’ll enjoy long after the Christmas tree has been taken down. From advanced woodworking techniques to innovative home decor ideas, there’s something out there for everyone—all you need to do is find one that aligns with your person’s specific interests. 

7. Customizable Workshop Sign

Personalize their space with a workshop sign tailor-made to them. Whether it's a simple wooden plaque engraved with their name or a vintage-style metal sign, this gift adds a touch of personality to their DIY domain. 

From customizing their workshop space, to upgrading their bathroom, to enhancing their safety, there are a range of ways to show the DIY lover in your life that you’re thinking about them. Hopefully, these seven gift ideas will help you find the perfect surprise. Happy gifting!