1. Options, Options, Options - Who doesn’t like having options?
2. Perfecting the Style - The mirror is the center of attention for your bathroom. Why not be able to choose between multiple styles just like you do with your decorative towels?
3. Because you Can - We have over 60 frame styles to choose from! Narrow your decision making without being locked into one style.
4. Marital Bliss - Do you and your significant other ALWAYS see eye to eye? Especially when it comes to interior design? Order a few samples and make the decision together.
5. Multifunctional - Our frame samples can be used for just about anything, door stops, paperweights, etc. The opportunities are endless.
6. Free Shipping - Not only are samples an inexpensive solution to perfection your bathroom look and feel, they ship for FREE!
So start browsing our selection of styles and pick up some sample frames today!