Turn on any home remodeling or interior design show and you’re bound to hear it: “I’m looking for that spa style.” No doubt it’s a popular choice. And with good reason. Who doesn’t want to relax in their own private spa at the end of a long day? The hard part is getting that look in your own bathroom without breaking the bank on a full-blown renovation. Luckily there are a few simple updates you can do yourself to inject some spa style into your space.
1. Cooling colors: The easiest way to change the look of any space, bathrooms included, is updating the wall color. It also happens to be quick, easy and cost-effective. For that coveted spa-sensibility, try going with cool and relaxing tones. Blues, grays or stone hues. Not only do they look great, these colors are also proven to promote relaxation and stress relief...in other words, spa.
2. Open storage: Now normally I wouldn’t be one to recommend opening up your cabinets for the world to see, but if you’re able to keep it neat and clutter-free it can be a stylish move. If you’ve got a dedicated linen cabinet in your bathroom try removing the doors. You can then roll up and stack your spare towels in true spa fashion.
3. Lighting: Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you lighting is everything. Well, believe it or not, the same can be said about your bathroom. Adding a simple dimmer to soften your lighting adds a relaxing spa element with the flip of a switch.
4. Refinish your cabinetry: Granted, this is a bit more challenging than the other three tips, but if you’re feeling confident it’s a sure-fire way to step up your spa style. Go for a rich, dark tone to complement your newly-painted walls and maintain that relaxing palette.
If you’re looking for a mirror frame to finish up your weekend makeover, I’d recommend the Berkshire in black or walnut or the Weston in espresso. The subtle lines and deep colors are perfect for any at-home spa. Now all you'll need are a few candles and some relaxing tunes and you’ve got yourself a day at the spa.