Moms work hard — there’s no arguing that! This Mother’s Day, shower her with attention and praise (oh, and gifts!). Here are a few ideas to show Mom you’re thinking of her:
Play to your strengths! Are you super handy with a hammer? Build her an above-ground garden and help her plant for summer! Know your way around a car waxer? Give her car a good shine. Maybe you help her tackle those kitchen cabinets she’s been wanting to repaint for years. Whatever that at-home project is, she’ll be grateful to check it off her list. 
A Beautiful Coffee Table Book
A coffee table book is more than decoration or a place to set your wine glass — the right book can inspire, educate, and tell a lot about the person who displays it. Pretty and practical, just like Mom likes! We like this one by Frances Palmer, this one by Gray Malin, and this one from National Geographic.
TikiTunes … AND the set-up!
This product is a fun twist on the Bluetooth speaker. TikiTunes looks like a tiki light that adds awesome ambiance — and music — inside or out. It can connect to most smartphones so that Mom can use her favorite music streaming service as she entertains or hangs out. The warm, LED lights work with or without music. The key part of this gift, though, is doing the initial set-up for her! That way, it’s a hassle-free gift she can enjoy again and again.
Memory Journal
They say the greatest gifts are from the heart — and what could be more heartfelt than a collection of your favorite memories with Mom? Although formal versions of a memory journal are available to purchase, you don’t have to get too fancy with this. Find a pretty notebook at your nearest craft store or home goods store, and grab a pen! Whether you want to fill the pages slowly over time or pass the journal back and forth to each take a turn writing down a memory is up to you. 
A Unique Candle
Something that smells lovely is always a wonderful gift. These Candlefish candles are hand-poured in Charleston, South Carolina, and use 100% soy wax and the highest quality natural oils. Choose from a vast range of fragrances to find one that’s right for your mom. Whether she’s into spicy scents, warm earthy notes, or florals for spring, this shop has what you need.
A Framed Mirror
We may be partial, but a framed mirror adds a touch of elegance, light, and function to any room. A smaller decorative mirror may be just what your mom needs to complete her hallway or living space. Or, if you live near her, you could sneak over and measure any plain, unframed mirror in her home and create a custom gift for her with our Add A Frame® option. It can truly transform a space! (Not confident in your measurements? Don’t worry, we have an eGift Card available for you!)
Wine and Chocolate
… because she deserves to indulge a little on her special day!
No matter what lengths you typically go to on Mother’s Day, the most important thing is that Mom knows you’re thinking about her. After all, she already has the best gift ever: Getting to be your parent. Happy Mother’s Day!