Trying to keep up with the latest home decor trends can give you whiplash — it seems like right when you update your home, trends change yet again. Ahead, we’re diving into what’s timeless, what’s trendy, and how metal preferences have changed over time.
In 2020, brass definitely made a comeback. Brass has been on the back burner for the last decade or so, allowing shiny polished chrome, stainless steel and brushed nickel to take the spotlight. Brass definitely offers a certain warmth that many homeowners are drawn to. Blame its return on warm walls, tan palettes, and the growing popularity of “greige” — no matter how you slice it, brass has made a bold reemergence into mainstream design.
Around 2016-2017, gold hardware and fixtures started getting their moment in the sun once again. While some would argue that gold is on its way out, it’s one of those trends where “everything old is new again.” So while the gold rush may end in the next year or two, you can bet your bottom dollar that this look will be back again with a vengeance before too long. There is something timeless about gold — after all, there’s a reason why they call it the “gold standard!” Decorating with gold dates back to some of the earliest civilizations — and so if you just decorated your kitchen with all gold everything, rest assured that it’ll never truly go out of style.
There’s something effortlessly simple about black hardware and accents. It certainly gives a more industrial, clean line than its gold or silver counterparts, and is even considered a more masuline tone. Black, especially matte black, is universally appealing — and that makes it a safe option if you’re updating hardware and considering your home’s resale value. From bathroom faucets to kitchen sinks, black finishes can add a modern touch to your home — just be conscious of how your wall color, rugs, and other decor interact with the dark touches to avoid an overly-dark outcome. 
Can’t commit to just one tone?
Mixed metals are definitely having a moment in the land of design. That’s right — just because your cabinet pulls are one tone, doesn’t mean your sconces and mirrors have to match. The key to mixing metals is to stick to two or three finishes instead of opting for every single option in the home improvement store. Additionally, try to keep the finish of each metal soft (think brushed instead of polished). Muted undertones will help the subtle differences work in harmony instead of against each other.
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