When you’re looking for the right Add A Frame to enhance your bathroom mirror, you have twice the options because Frame My Mirror offers both regular and reverse configurations.
Light fixtures, medicine cabinets, or other architectural details often overlap bathroom mirrors. What that means is that your choice of Add A Frame may not fit under them because of the profile’s height. In their regular configuration, Add A Frame designs are at their highest on the outside edge. By choosing the reverse configuration, the highest edge is on the inside, and the lower (outer) edge may slide under those obstructions with ease.
Of course, you may simply prefer the look of the reverse style for your bathroom mirror frame. When you order a sample, remember that the frame style can be configured in regular (with the highest edge on the outside) or reverse (with the highest edge on the inside). Your one Add A Frame sample gives you two styles to sample on your bathroom mirror!
Browse Frame My Mirror’s Add A Frame collections and order samples to see how your preferred Add A Frame styles look in both regular and reverse.