If you’ve toured any new homes on the market lately, you’ve probably noticed that most of them come with framed mirrors in the bathroom. Mirror frames have become so popular that homebuilders are now including them in their plans. Luckily, Frame My Mirror makes it easy for current homeowners to bring their bathroom style up to date by easily installing an Add A Frame bathroom mirror frame.
Whether you’re putting your house on the market or simply want to keep up with the latest style, Frame My Mirror has a variety of designs, colors and finishes to perfect your bathroom makeover. Just as you would replace outdated carpet, furniture, and appliances, your mirrors might need updating, too. A custom mirror frame gives any bathroom an instant facelift.
Get a quick, inexpensive update to make your home more modern. Whether you simply Add A Frame or do an entire bathroom renovation, Frame My Mirror makes it easy to give your home the latest style without any of the hassle.