As we enter full steam ahead into spring, it’s hard to not get inspired by the floral abundance all around. Many of us are ready to say goodbye to drearier winter days and fully embrace some warmer, more welcoming weather. Use this inspiration to inject some springtime decor into your home. While you may most often opt to add floral touches to your dining table or kitchen, don’t forget to pay attention to one of your most used spaces: the bathroom! With simple touches like plants, you can transition your bathroom into a refreshing space. From colorful bouquets to succulents, there’s something for everyone.
Go Bold
colorful roses
Depending on your local market selection, you’ll likely find incredible, pre-arranged bouquets that will add color and vibrancy to your space. On staff florists tend to have an eye for the best color combinations if you don’t necessarily have an eye for this yourself. Try working with the color scheme you already have in your bathroom, or throw in a contrast by going with the brightest arrangement you see.
West Elm planters
While you may believe you’re limited to potted plants or holding flowers in a vase, you’re most definitely not! West Elm has done a great job at innovating plant storage with their glass potted boxes. With a variety of combinations and shapes, you not only add life, but design.
Commitment-Phobe Solutions
If the thought of keeping a plant alive seems like too much commitment, don’t consider yourself out of the plant game. Luckily, there are a variety of fake plants that you’d never second-guess. One of the best examples is fake succulents. Explore local home goods stores and you’re sure to find some that are already potted, as well. You’ll get the look without all of the fuss.
Happy Spring!