We don’t know about you, but there’s something about saying goodbye to the cold that makes us feel a little more energized. Whether this energy is currently being transferred into spring cleaning or not, it certainly should be. With so many simple tips and easy-to-fix cleaning mistakes (like what’s lingering in your towels), there’s no better time to get to work and make your space look as great as you’re feeling. Who said cleaning had to be a challenge?
Bathtub. It’s not hard to find articles touting the benefits of some natural cleaning products for your home. While we’d all like to commit to doing everything perfectly, sometimes this commitment can be difficult to keep up. Luckily, Apartment Therapy found a solution that can simply be added to your grocery list. We’re not talking about a concoction or recipe; we’re talking about just one grapefruit. Slice it, salt each half, and get to scrubbing! The grime and unappealing dirt will fade with each scrub. If you’re a fan of this method, try it out on sinks, tile, and other dirty bathroom fixtures.
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Towels. When you think about it, towels are there to slough off the extras and catch all the water after you get nice and clean. The end result? Lots and LOTS of trapped bacteria. Thanks to the cushiony softness and absorbent thickness of our bath towels, there’s plenty of bacteria packed into the layers that are not so visible to the human eye. What should you do? Clean your towels far more often than you probably are. Experts suggest a run through the washer after every three uses. Depending on your hygiene habits and the size of your family, this likely rings you in with at least two wash cycles a week. Set a timer on your phone for your least busy days twice a week to make this extra step a little easier. Your health will thank you for it!
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Sinks. For some of us, getting around to daily sink rinsing and cleaning can be a little daunting. You may have committed to it at one point, or it may have fallen on an extremely long resolutions list a year or two ago. Chances are that some of us still let that chore go unfinished far too often, which tends to leave us with more difficult messes to clean up later on. You can either get busy keeping up daily maintenance, or you can at least prepare for the more stubborn clean ups. You may think kitchen tools are solely for the kitchen, but bringing a sponge or scrubber into the bathroom may be one of the greatest kept secrets. These will help you far more than a wipe or towel as they are able to truly get deep into some collected gunk and clear it out. No more tired arms!
Toothbrush. So, you can’t seem to remember the last time you replaced your toothbrush. Don’t feel too guilty--it’s never too late to get yourself on a cleaner track. Everyday Health offers a great tip that puts your toothbrush in seasonal mode. Toothbrushes should be switched out every 3 months, and what better time to get on this schedule than with the recent change in seasons? Once you get on this track, you’ll know that each new season means a new toothbrush. While calendar reminders are always a good way to go, there are also a variety of brands that sell brushes with color-changing bristles to let you know it’s time to switch. In between replacements, always remember there are simple ways to keep your brush in its best shape. Soaking the brush in mouthwash and regularly cleaning your toothbrush holder are great ways to maintain your health!
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Now that you’re privy to these little tips, it looks like it’s time to get cleaning!