Stuck with a small bathroom? That doesn’t mean it has to be boring! In fact, because bathrooms have such a small footprint compared to the rest of a home, it’s the perfect place to be a bit more bold in your design style.

Lack of square footage, limited natural light and the need for functionality present challenges, but a little creativity can go a long way. Ahead, find the inspiration you need to give your small bathroom the refresh it needs.

Brighten things up.

The first trick to making any room feel bigger is to add light. In a small bathroom, this can be accomplished in a few ways. Consider adding new light fixtures, especially if the one above your vanity is outdated. Perhaps you have a spot for a sconce or two; side lighting can do wonders to flatter your face!
A second small way to enhance the light in your space is to repaint the walls with a high-gloss paint in a cheerful color. That way, you’re able to capture and reflect any light that does make its way into your small bathroom. 

vanity mirror in small bathroom

Flatter your feet with peel-and-stick flooring.

If your floors have seen better days — or if you simply want to inject a bit more personality — peel-and-stick tiles are your answer. Faking a tile floor is not a permanent solution, as the stickiness will eventually wear off, but some people see that as a perk! It’s easy to renew your flooring as your style evolves.

This is an especially savvy option for powder rooms or a guest bathroom that isn’t used daily for showering. Renters love this option too, because most peel-and-stick flooring tiles are easily removed with the heat from a hair dryer. Be sure you carefully read reviews and check the labels for your selection — bathrooms endure a lot of heat, humidity, and water, and you want to make sure your floor stickers don’t peel up after only a month.

peel and stick tile flooring

Frame your vanity mirror(s).

Instantly create a polished, professional look to even the most boring and conventional bathroom mirrors by adding a custom frame! It’s a fast, cost-effective way to make your small bathroom feel more intentional in its design. This is a smart upgrade even if you rent your space, as it’s rarely an upgrade that a landlord complains about.

Best of all, this bathroom fix doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Add A Frame® makes it super simple to get the job done! All you have to do is browse through our dozens of frame styles to find the frame and finish you love, enter your size specifications, and then wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. The installation process is easy, too — no construction experts needed here!

framed mirror from frame my mirror

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